The Sandman’s Q and A

Haven’t done one these for a while. Either answer in the comments or set up a pingback.

What celebrity or other public figure would you be perfectly happy to never see or hear anything about ever again in your lifetime? Why do they annoy you so much?

If you could be any fairy tale character, which one would you be? 

Given that some of us seem to be working later and later, how do you like to spend your off-time?

If you could live one day over without the consequence of changing the future, what day would it be and why?

If you were a mad scientist, what would your mad invention or plot be?

Here are my answers

1. Most of them but I would certainly put the condescending arsewipe Nigel Farage and the tantrum throwing over grown brat of POTUS very highly on the list.

2. Merlin, well the reasons are obvious.

3. The time Amy Cherry came to stay.

4. Reading books, blogging and going to the Cinema/retro-gaming

5. If? I have a secret laboratory under the Horseshoes at Uckington where I am breeding giant Kittens in order to conquer London, my first target? The Post Office tower.


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