Time flies like an arrow, Fruit Flies like a Banana


How are things going? Ok I guess, Sian has been in a reasonably pleasant mood and sort of chatty. Well her version of chatty and pleasant but I knew she was moody from day one as our first conversation was her moaning about discrimination at work. We’ve talked about practicalities on our relationship and just example what her physical needs are in order to get by, her cynicism problem stems from my lack of knowledge of social care and to be fair I don’t really know a great deal but I have an ace up my sleeve……


At the start of the month I went out to see the LEGO Batman Movie which was very silly and very entertaining and even had a cameo by the Daleks, which bizarrely weren’t referred to by name just as ‘British Robots’, in contrast to every Batman movie reboot to date it acknowledged every big screen and small screen Live Action Batman complete with a brief shot of Adam West’s Batman dancing. The plot is more ludicrous than the 60’s TV series but it’s not really about the plot, its about bringing Bruce Wayne out of the shadows and acknowledging his own fears and feeling of loss and being alone. Though I laughed out loud when Batman says “Robin we’re going to hit people so hard, spontaneous descriptive words are going to magically appear” in reference to one of the most notable aspects of the Adam West series….

When I got home I was deciding what to watch and settled on a early/mid-90s movie called The Shadow which was based on an American 1930s Radio Drama and while it may not ever be called a masterpiece of Cinema, it most definitely a fun pulp film with a very memorable score. It stars Alec Baldwin as the titular character who is a reformed criminal baron who has the power to cloud and read people’s minds and has him face off against the last descendant of Genghis Khan who was set up a nuclear bomb in Manhattan in a hotel he has hypnotised people to ignore…. its a lot better then it sounds I assure you and has guest appearances by Ian McKellan and Tim Curry. While flawed and clearly a cash in on the Batman movies of the 90s it stands up fairly well with some still impressive visual effects.

The new Big Bang Theory is picking up a bit and I have a feeling that the Wolowitz and Bernardette’s baby is going to replace the heard and mentioned but never seen Mother of Wolowitz… though it might be nice if they showed a photo of Howard’s mum at some point. The Goldbergs is still running strong and while I am certain that Barry is an OTT version of the real Adam’s brother I found it quite humbling that the real brother became a medical doctor, lol I wonder if his patient roster has now diminished after that revelation.

I’ve started uploading my 2016 Upton Jazz Festival photos to Faceache, I hadn’t realised I hadn’t done it until last week despite having posted the videos I uploaded to YouTube several times.

I’ve been watching Spike Millligan’s Q6 and to be fair, it’s still very hit and miss so far with a few jokes which were done on The Two Ronnies much better but it is always good to see Peter “Voice of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” Jones in something and an amusing deconstruction on how a sketch can be interpreted. Oh of course there are some good musical interludes such as this, Panama Red by Stan Tracey:

There are also some interludes which are… different shall we say


My stomach has been a bit unsettled of late and I’ve not had a huge appetite for meals of late, just being grazing a little. Perhaps I need to give the booze up for a while or perhaps I need to alter my meal schedule, also lately I have been feeling very tired and often very thirsty… I guess I am becoming an old man.

No cinema trips since Batman, though I did toy with seeing Logan or the new King Kong movie, just not really in a movie mood at the moment, I think it is because I have been going  to the cinema alone so some of the fun has gone but since I trying to save a bit of cash I think my Cineworld card will become used much more often.
I am contemplating a trip to London in the not so distant future and hopefully catch up with both old and new friends, perhaps I can even try and re-build a bridge or two. Certainly I think my plan will be to do more city based stuff this time around as I didn’t really do much on my last visit apart from go to the National Gallery and the Imperial War museum, though admittedly that was partially due to feeling rough on the Saturday morning as a consequence of too many beers with Amy the night before.
As a total contradiction to my thought of money saving, I’ve bought a few bits and pieces of DVDs and CDs.  CDs wise I bought two albums by the late Stan Tracey: Let Them Crevulate with has his trio joined by Trumpet player Guy Barker and Just You, Just Me with is a duet album with Tenor Saxophone player Danny Moss. The former has a mix of originals by both Tracey and Barker and a few standards while the later is all standards with a strong selection of Duke Ellington based material. DVD wise: the last series of Sherlock, Dr Strange, Maigret starring Rowan Atkinson and the fifth series of Grimm. Talking of Grimm the current season is going pretty strongly tying up several of the loose threads from the tail end of season 5 though I’m not sure where the season is headed, I’m guessing that Nick and Renard will have a final face off in the last episode.  This week’s episode was mostly a standalone and was very, er, grim in content which brings up a variation of the ‘could you kill Hitler as a baby’ only being Grimm its about a future seeing baby eating beast who has visions of the future and can see if someone is going to be a danger.



Currently I am reading a The Cornish Coast Murder by John Bude  which is part of the British Library crimes classic reissue series, amusingly many of the Books in the range have very to-the-point titles such as Death of an Airman, The Poisoned Chocolates Case and The Sussex-Downs Murders. I have noticed that in this period of writing there appears to be a lot of crime-solving clergy men, I wonder if this is a consequences of the success of GK Chesteron’s Father Brown stories.
I found out this week that the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer is now 20 years old…. blimey 20 years, it doesn’t seem it was that long ago. I think I started watching it regularly around the third season, partially because I liked the woman who played Willow… which curiously enough is one of the reasons I started watching How I Met Your Mother.
I think that is all for now. Toodley Bye

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