I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue

Well it has been a fairly steady week for the old Sandman with not a lot happening except me beginning to plan a potential trip Stateside in which I hope to take in New York City, Chicago again as I didn’t really see much when I last went and hopefully take in more of Detroit and Michigan if the budget permits it, though it may take me a while to driving on the right hand side of the road. New York and Chicago are definite musts though and I have been told that I would be better going on foot and by public transport in both of those cities and my memory of Chicago certainly reinforces that notion.

Oh yes and there is the Sian situation, well after a lengthy exchange it can officially be said that Sian is out of the picture…. I’m sure Katherine will no doubt be pleased. Ah well ladies watch out, the Sandman is ready to suit up and acquire a wingman, I tell you it will be legen- wait for it- dary, legendary.

I’ve started making my way through my vast number of recently purchased DVDs and Blu-Rays planning a double bill of The Punch and Judy Man and The Rebel, two films from the early sixties starring the ‘lad himself’ Tony Hancock, to date the only British comic actor whose name is totally composed of body parts.

Yup, that is the 1960s Batman series alongside the 1990s movies.

Sian update. While closing up last night and having an after work pint of Directors when I get a random text message a week after her calling it a day telling me that she is in hospital on a drip with a suspected Kidney infection… unpleasant and I hope she has a speedy recovery, but why is she telling me this?

I see that the movie remake trend is continuing with new King Kong, Power Rangers and CHiPS movies about to hit Cinemas, not only am I bemoaning the seeming lack of new movie ideas I am being to wonder if I should give Neil a call and see if we should start getting out pissed up idea of doing a big screen version of Getting Sam Home, which was a movie length Christmas special of Last of the Summer Wine based on Roy Clarke’s original novel, with Neil taking on the role of Norman Clegg and myself either playing Sid from the café or the original LOTSW third man Cyril Blamire who was in the book (in the TV version of the book, the character was replaced with the then third man Foggy). The plot pretty much involves the intrepid trio of Blamire, Clegg and Compo helping their friend Sam who has just been released from hospital have a naughty night away with his bit on the side, the snag being he dies while at her place. It is quite a poignant piece with some grim humour as the aging heroes are forced to address their own mortality. The TV version ended up reinforcing this theme unwittingly as during production John Comer who played Sid from the café appeared to be suffering from bronchitis and he had to be dubbed (not an issue as it was all shot on film) by another actor, however as production for the next series began Comer’s voice had not recovered and after a trip to a specialist it was discovered that it wasn’t bronchitis he was suffering from but throat cancer in an advanced stage and he died shortly afterwards making the Getting Sam Home his final episode.

And Finally
While at the Mytton last week Tom asked me if I had met the new landlady, apparently she is unusual as she is 100% vegan. When she served me I told Tom what he suspected, I’d never seen herbivore.


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