The Warren

Dr Webster approached the seated committee, clipboard in hand and stood before them a little nervously.

“Well doctor, what are your findings?” asked Wilson, the head of facility.

“I discovered some interesting things about this virus of yours,” began Dr Webster. “My first guess was that it was some kind of blood born infection due the discolouration of  the skin, so I ran several blood tests and it appears not to be the case. So I looked at respiratory infections and that gave me a better start and I followed through the symptoms and I believe that I have a result of your mystery plague.”


“That’s fantastic news,” answered the second in command Johnson.

Dr Webster sighed, “Well the first thing is… it isn’t a plague.”

“Are you sure?” queried Wilson, “we are a biological research facility, is it possible this is just something new?”

“I considered that but somethings didn’t add up.”

“Such as?” asked Johnson.

“There is no sign of cross infection among the staff before the first reported case, you’d expect more people to show signs of early infection sooner. The people who suffer seem to fall victim in unusual places and there is a pattern to who is falling ill. At first I thought it just down to the nature of the facility and the people’s jobs. But unusually people fall ill within forty five minutes which is a very fast moving infection…” He paused for dramatic effect.

“Oh stop with the theatre tricks,” growled Wilson.

“Well it is two other unusual aspects that are unlike any virus I have ever encountered. Firstly it only affects people in locked rooms and secondly it removes pages from books,” said Dr Webster sternly producing an exercise book from the top of the clipboard and showed the committee his findings. “Read the text, these are pages pulled out in frustration, these have been deliberately removed. Your plague isn’t a virus, it is a saboteur.”



via Daily Prompt: Symptom

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