The Sandman’s Q and A

Mostly for Brits this time.

Answer in either a ping back or as a reply.

Today’s questions are entertainment  based either or questions

1. Monty Python or Spike Milligan?

2. Pink Floyd or Genesis?

3. Billie Holiday or Ella Fitzgerald?

4. Hammer Horror or Universal Studios Horror?

5. George Lazenby or Timothy Dalton?


Ok. My answers:

1. Monty Python. While Spike laid the group work alot of his material falls flat and has a low hit rate with humour.

2. Floyd all the way

3. Ella, easier on the ear.

4.  Tough one, I’m going to be rooting for my home team and go for Hammer.

5. Lazenby as he has more of an edge. I felt Dalton was too young and didn’t look the part.


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