Blood Upon the Sawdust at the Last Chance Saloon

Howdy partners, this here be a new entry in what you city folk call a blog. Oh sod it, it is going to take way too much effort to write this in the style of Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday or other assorted cowboys.

A bit of a belated entry this week mainly as I don’t really have much to write if I’m being honest.

I’ve made a couple of music purchases this last week or so but not too many as I am trying to save money but these were sort of important…ish. Last year at Upton I made a number of purchases from a charity box including Yet Another Spring by the Michael Garrick Orchestra and one of Max Roach’s albums on the Impulse! label, but can I bloody find them? No. So fearing they slipped out my bag at Upton I repurchased them, the Max Roach I found in a nine album compilation for a tenner, so if it turns up its no biggie. The Michael Garrick, well there was copy left on Amazon and the rest were through private sellers at £100+, so I grinned and bared paying for it again just in case it didn’t turn up.

Thursday was a rather dull day but I finally called in on Ross at his new place and had lunch there, I had the Black Pudding and Chorizo Burger with Messy Fries and it was delicious. A big portion which made me regret ordering the Onion Rings… it seems I no longer have hollow legs. The messy fries had cheese, Jalapeños and pull pork all mixed it. Yum. After lunch I called in at the Kynn for a quick pint with Zizzy and we tried our best to resurrect the fire as it due to a gas leak there was no heating… it didn’t go well but David saved the day.

In the evening I took my dad to see Logan which is the latest and final chapter to the X-Men and Wolverine saga and unlike the previous movies this was aimed at an older audience as proved by the 15 rating (that’s the UK’s version of an R). The language is considerably bluer and it is strange seeing Professor Xavier telling people to f*** off, less so Wolverine for some reason though. It’s quite brutal in the depiction of violence with man decapitations and a lot more bloody violence then before but it does fit in with the tone of the film, the tone is very much in the real world with our remaining X-Men nearing the end of their lives not through fantasy threats but old age, Xavier is suffering from dementia and Logan is clearly unwell as his super healing isn’t as effective, the claws don’t fly out so quickly and the wounds in his hands around them keep getting infected. I won’t post any spoilers but this is definitely the final chapter, but not necessarily the final film to feature the characters, the film closes with a classic Johnny Cash song “the Man Comes Around” accompanying the closing titles. Despite the morbid tone there are bits of humour along the way and the film opens with a totally unrelated prologue featuring Deadpool which rips the piss out of the whole Clark Kent changing into Superman in a Phonebox cliché and closes with a Chuck Lorre style vanity card explaining the ideology behind Hemingway’s novel The Old Man & the Sea. No, Really.

After a spell in the doldrums I think both Grimm and the Big Bang Theory are picking up with a highly amusing episode of Grimm involving a love potion and most of the recent episodes TBBT quite good save for the last one which to me felt a little bit like bullying people for doing things they enjoy… in this case going to Comic Con and siting the changes is their lives as showing it being personal growth… I disagree I would say that going to something like Comic Con, Record Collectors Fairs and Festivals etc are things which are personal rewards and chances to let your hair down for a bit and not a sign of personal weakness. It surely becomes more of a celebration as your personal lives change… just my two cents.

Well less than two weeks until the good Doctor returns to the TV, so forgive me this indulgence.


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