Ballard for Wind Instrument and Canoe

Toying around with an idea. Feedback appreciated.


The humidity was beginning to get to Liz, she could feel her clothing sticking to her sweaty skin and she was beginning to lose concentration on various things and then there were all the mosquitoes…  But what really was getting on her tits was Arthur and Dr. Webster seemed relatively unaffected in fact Arthur seemed to be enjoying the ride. He looked as if he had based his outfit for the expedition on the illustrations in a copy of Boy’s Own or Union Jack. She half expected him to reminisce about adventures in the heart of darkest Africa or the peaks of some far off mountain range, but no he seemed to be taking in the scenery. It was the good doctor who finally broke the silence.

“While in my younger days I enjoy messing about on the river when the weather was fine, I would like to know when our guide will bring us to our destination.” He said a little wistfully. “I’m sure Liz would appreciate getting under a cold shower.”

Liz smiled, he was right, more to cool down then anything else.

“My good man, I believe we are about 30 minutes away from the camp if my calculations are correct,” Arthur answered. “I remember the last time I went on a boat down the river Corporal Bell proved that she may have been a soldier but she certainly wasn’t a sailor.”

“Ah yes she was some what ill for sometime after we left the water.” Laughed Liz.

“Where were you?” Queried Dr. Webster, “was this on your mission in India?”

“No,” answered Arthur, “Whittlesea Bay regatta.” The trio exchanged a quick giggle.

“Any way Arthur,” began Liz. “Why are we going by boat down the Orinoco?”

“Oh that is because cars don’t run well on rivers,” answered Arthur with a cheeky grin. “Walking would take days and going by the local boat is quick and less likely to draw attention.”

“Ok Arthur, where are we going?” Asked Liz.

“Yes I would like to know too,” added Dr. Webster.

“We are going to the Kit Davis research centre, which is currently being funded by the I Lloyd Corporation. Several members of staff have gone missing and while some have returned, some haven’t. Those who have returned have been quarantined due to some kind of fever.”

“Which is why you bought me along,” inferred Dr. Webster.

“Well they want the best, naturally I thought of you.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere,” smiled Dr. Webster.

“And what about me?” Queried Liz.

“Well you have a double endowment, nurse training and our own. On a recovered item we took a palm print. Have you heard of Professor Andrea Gardiner?”

“Wasn’t she bludgeoned to death in Havana five years ago?” Asked Liz.

“Yes. The thing is the palm print is a partial match to her.”

The captain shouted something in Spanish as a number of wooden huts appeared on the horizon.

“Welcome to the jungle,” Liz muttered under her breath.




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