Where to go next.

Those of you following the Adventures of Arthur and Sevenpenny in an unnamed Caribbean country I wish to heed some advice. Do I continue focused on our intrepid duo as they await the arrival of the contact, or do I start up the next strand of the story? Answers much appreciated. Ta Mr G

The End

As a budding writer I am always in two minds about making a final story... I don't mean as in hanging up my pencil and paper (or keyboard if you prefer) but in writing final pieces. To create a final, final story often back fires a little: Conan Doyle wrote The Final Problem to be … Continue reading The End

Land Ahoy!

Corporal Bell looked at the various service men attending the scene and turned to the two executives who were mulling over the notes on their clip boards. "Any idea how long it will take to assess why it sank?" She inquired. "Oh we know, why it sank." Answered Wilkins. "It sank because it hit the … Continue reading Land Ahoy!