Share Your World 2017 8th May

When you’re alone at home, do you wear shoes, socks, slippers, or go barefoot?

I tend to do all four, mostly socks and slippers once I am properly up and before hand I will wonder around barefoot. I’ll stand to stay in my footwear once I get home until I change for bed.

What was your favourite food when you were a child?

When I was a very small child my Mother insists my favourite dinner was Fish Fingers and Potato Waffles but I cannot recall so cannot confirm or deny this. As an older child/teenager when going out I would say my favourite food was Breaded Scampi with Chips and Beans… I did grow out of that.

Are you a listener or talker?

I would say I am a bit of both, I listen to many people but I do like to have the odd recant of a tale or two.


Favourite thing to (pick one):  Photograph?  Write? Or Cook?

Followers of mine will know what I like to write about, so I will opt for cook. I like to cook Chilli Con Carne and Pasta dishes such as Carbonara and Bolognese.



Share Your World


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