The Sandman’s Q & A

Here are my question’s for today. Answer either in the comments or as ping back.

What was your very first alcoholic drink? Did you enjoy it?

Who introduced you to WordPress? Why did you first open an account or get involved?

When was the first time you had sex?

What has been your worst fashion disaster?


Here are my answers.

I can’t recall exactly, when I was growing up my sister and I were given very weak white wine spritzers with our Sunday Dinner and as I got to about 14 was allowed a small bottle of beer with my Sunday dinner instead of wine

I already had a Livejournal going which is mostly for friends and I decided to make a public blog to accompany it which gets edited versions of the posts.
I was a relatively late bloomer and it was aged twenty with a girl named Hannah who was a few months older than me and it was also her first time. We’d been off and on for about eighteen months and about 9 months we’d gone part of the way together.

Every time I pull something out the wardrobe haha.


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