Land Ahoy!

Corporal Bell looked at the various service men attending the scene and turned to the two executives who were mulling over the notes on their clip boards.

“Any idea how long it will take to assess why it sank?” She inquired.

“Oh we know, why it sank.” Answered Wilkins. “It sank because it hit the rocks.”

“Ok,” tutted Bell realising he was going to be obtuse all day. “Why did it hit the rocks?”

“Ah, now that will take much longer to determine.” Answered Wilkins. He raised his head from his clipboard. “So why is a girl like you in the Army?”

“Well when I was a little girl I wanted to be a soldier, so I became a soldier,” she snapped. A further put down was interrupted by the arrival of a familiar saloon car and the driver emerged looking some what frustrated. Dr Webster walked up to the Corporal and greeted her warmly.

“Morning Corporal, how are you today?” He asked trying to sound chirpy.

“I feel the same as you,” she answered. “Business first I suggest. At 5am this morning a-”

“My car does have Radio 4 you know,” interrupted Dr Webster.

Bell smiled, “I knew you’d be a Radio 4 person. This is unusual because six months ago another smaller ferry was sank five miles from here though nothing was recovered.”

“So why am I here? Arthur is being his usual informative self.”

“I want you to examine the wreckage.”

“Marie I deal with people, I’m not an engineer.”

“The wreckage of the people on board. Due to the nature of the weather we’ve had everyone shipped to the local Monastery.”

“It is easy to leave them where they drop, typical soldier attitude.” Dr Webster muttered under his breath.

“Now now, there is no need for that,” said Bell.





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