The End

As a budding writer I am always in two minds about making a final story… I don’t mean as in hanging up my pencil and paper (or keyboard if you prefer) but in writing final pieces. To create a final, final story often back fires a little: Conan Doyle wrote The Final Problem to be the last ever Sherlock Holmes story but a few years down the line The Final Problem stopped being the last ever Sherlock Holmes what with the publication of The Hound of the Baskervilles. Though at that point it is clearly set before The Final Problem and there was no real reason for Conan Doyle not to keep it that way and have  any further stories again from Watson’s back catalogue as it were… but since Doyle tried to keep with the times in terms of social and economical details it was probably wise he resurrected Holmes.

To a certain degree something like Blake’s 7 which has a definitive ending is a strong sign out and perhaps a way to end something, besides which I’m not a big fan of happily ever after.

While pondering on my  Dr Webster and Arthur Fransure stories I often mix and match characters as I want to give the impression of a bigger world beyond the ITC inspired plotlines and characters. For example a number of the stories feature the character of Liz but with The Girl from Oswestry, I wanted to set up a new character and give a first episode as it were, a sort of hop in point. Imagine it being episode one of a fourth series where between seasons the female lead hasn’t renewed her contract. So Liz won’t get a final final story, you’ll note that she is referred to as having left a while ago at the start of Girl.

Perhaps I don’t like final stories because they are, well final, and at heart I think I am an optimist.

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