The Mad Brothers

When I was teenage Sandman it was when I first started thinking about creative writing and performance as a career option and I was endlessly jotting ideas down for shows which would be vehicles for myself and my pals, ranging from ideas for films of multiple genres and a few ideas for some sitcoms. One of which was pure self indulgence and would have been called The Sandman Jazz Show and would in essence have been a sitcom following the everyday exploits of a television based version of myself and a group of friends… essentially it was to be a bit like a modern day Hancock’s Half Hour. The other was the Mad Brothers which would have been a comedy best described as The Goodies meets Bottom, only for kids. My idea was that while it was for kids, we’d aim for older children and not be afraid of appealing to the naughty side of kids humour with technically innocent but seemingly rude gags. One of which would involve a episode where the two brothers find a magic lamp and starts to buff the lamp up and the other brother merely sees the silhouette of him polishing the spout at waist height with a  “what are you doing?”/”buffing my lamp.”/ “Your…” character turns and is clearly seen to be polishing a stereotypical Genie’s lamp.

Yeah I don’t think my career as a children’s screen writer would have lasted.

In response to the Daily Prompt: Buff


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