Back in Town

Well that is Upton Jazz Festival done and dusted for another year and it was a significant improvement upon last year with a much more positive vibe throughout, I'm guessing the heavy shadow of Brexit loomed over the place, plus no real headliner act put the dampeners on that festival. But with the Temperance Seven … Continue reading Back in Town

Share Your World 2017- June 26

What goal are you working on now? Your goal can be something fun or extremely serious.  Have fun with this question I'm not sure I am at the moment, perhaps I should set one. I know I'll become the first man to climb Mount Everest...... from the inside. What is one thing you’re glad you … Continue reading Share Your World 2017- June 26


Don't worry, no sex in this post.   Are people who believe in horrorscopes and/or pre-determinism preaching that free will is an illusion and we are merely actors voicing the script of destiny? In response to daily prompt: illusion.

Times a Wasting

I am relieved that the weather forecast is good for the weekend. I think wellies would have clashed with my velvet jacket, paisley shirts and cravats for the festival at Upton Upon Severn. See how they suit young Jamie's outfit... viaDaily Prompt: Relieved