The Bottle

Gregory loaded the last create onto the trailer and mopped his brow which was wringing with sweat, he hated yard work on days like these and thought enviously about the guys working in the warehouse. The bottles of ale looked very tempting, how nice would it be to crack one open and quench his thirst with … Continue reading The Bottle

Times a Wasting

I am relieved that the weather forecast is good for the weekend. I think wellies would have clashed with my velvet jacket, paisley shirts and cravats for the festival at Upton Upon Severn. See how they suit young Jamie's outfit... viaDaily Prompt: Relieved

Double Award

Mrs A stood at the front of the class room next to Mr Higgins, the art teacher who seemed to have ignored a line in student-teacher etiquette by allowing his students to address him informally as Bill, she smiled as the gaggle of students were filed into their seats and unpacked their satchels and they … Continue reading Double Award