A Quiet Drink

Just a fictional muse, feed back always appreciated.


“What is it to be?” asked the landlord.

“I think a pint of Mild and a White Wine Spritzer with Lemonade,” said Dr Webster. “The Mild in a handle if you have one.”

“Certainly sir,” answered the landlord and proceeded to pour the drinks. Liz tapped Dr Webster on the shoulder and indicated she had found a table in the corner. “That’ll be £6.25,” chirruped the landlord placing the drinks on the bar. Dr Webster handed over the cash and proceeded to the small table and placed Liz’s Mild in front of her.

“Did you get the name of it?” asked Liz.

“No sorry,” answered Dr Webster sitting down and sipping his wine.

“It’s been a while since we’ve been out for a drink together,” mused Liz.

“Yes it has,” agreed Dr Webster, “how’s the blog going?”

“Not too bad, I’ve offered a vintage swimwear shoot for Tittle-Tattle Magazine as a consequence,”

“That’s nice,” answered Dr Webster.

“Have you worked with… him.. lately?” queried Liz.

“Him?” asked Dr Webster comically raising his eyebrows. “Not for a while, evidently the world of security is not in need of my medical services.”

“Well it must seen pretty quite,” laughed Liz.

“Oh it is not too bad. Have you seen Sarah lately?”

“No, she hasn’t talked to me after the beach party in Greyfriar’s at the start of the month.” Liz answered coldly.

“Oh dear, have an argument did you?”

Liz blushed, “not exactly. It was more something that I did which upset her.”

“Oh do tell,” smiled Dr Webster.

“Well as you know it was a beach party and I went in my bikini, skirt and a flower garland.. and..” she blushed. “Could we talk about this.. somewhere else?”

“I see…” answered Dr Webster.

The conversation was interrupted by a young man with a bouquet of flowers in his hands. “Excuse me are you Anna?”

“No, sorry.” Answered Liz.

“Ok,” said the man scanning the bar for another couple and quickly marching on.

“Someone must be special,” said Dr Webster.

“I think its an apology bunch,” said Liz. “he’s resolved to leading them on the bar.”

“Oh well, I wonder who-” his sentence was cut short by a loud bang as the bunch of flowers detonated sending masonry, glass and people flying everywhere.

Liz picked herself up and tried to peer through the smoke, dust and flames and try to channel through the cries and screams. Find out who needs her help, she was a nurse after all. “Benjamin, are you ok?”

She looked down at her feet, Dr Webster lay sprawled out of the floor, a stream of crimson blood streamed from a cut on his head.

In response to the Daily Prompt Detonate


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