View from the Villa

I am not quite sure chronologically where to put this in story terms, but here we are introduced to the villains of the story which began with Bubble Trouble and Evening Service. As usual feedback is appreciated.


The breeze ruffled the leaves on the Palm Trees, it was a welcome breeze on what had been a muggy day. Lounging on a chair and sipping a cocktail sat the diminutive figure of Senor Rodergiez, dressed in a lightweight but smart suit. He pulled himself forward from his slumb and starting to examine the wind-up toy on the table, his concentration was disturbed when he sensed the presence of another person on the balcony. He had given the servants a paid afternoon off and Isabella was away with friends, so this must be someone connected with one his many business ventures. He turned his head to face a medium height pale skinned blonde woman of about thirty standing in the shadow of the building.

“Hola Tina,” said Roderigiez flatly, “have you any reports from Siegul?”

“A little,” she began. “He identified the courier and where he was located but he was unable to retrieve the documents as he was discovered.”

“What was the outcome?” asked Roderigiez.

“The courier had to be eliminated I’m afraid,” said Tina.

“Why are the British so apologetic about other people’s failures?” queried Roderigiez wryly. “This information distresses me as it will the give the police and not to mention to Interpol reason to be on the alert.”

“My contact in the local Police tells me that the incident is purely a local incident, as far as they are away the deceased is a holiday maker who interrupted a thief in his hotel room.” She stated. “There was no sign of any documentation at the scene suggesting the courier has not yet received his information.”

“That is good news, has there been any sign of a new courier?”

“A British Couple arrived in a private Taxi today, a middle aged man whom I have seen in photo’s in the Old Untouchables Club, and his young valet whom he seems to be very touchy feely with.”

“Sounds like we have a have a potential replacement courier.” Said Roderigiez, he cracked a wry smile, “your British civil servants, perfectly respectable until they leave UK airspace.”

“Well there is a stag party in their hotel, it could be very easy to stir up a punch up as cover for Siegul to sneak around,” Tina suggested.

Roderigiez shock his head dismissively, “No that would give the Police an excuse to mobilise their armed units and the possibly the army. We want as little bloodshed as possible especially in this initial phase.”

“I guess so, I’ll report back once Siegul has confirmed the new courier’s identity.” She stated.

“Very good, tell him not to kill this one…. unless it is really necessary.”




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