All the Same like a String of Sausages

Like most School Boys and Girls, I loathed wearing School uniform partially the one at my secondary school as it just looked hideous, it was a yellow shirt, a brown jumper and a brown and gold striped tie (except in year 11 when it was a plain brown tie) and frankly it made the class rooms look as if they were populated by warmed walking-talking turds. Conformity and Uniformity were the watchword for those running the shop at the School, those of a slightly rebellious nature would attempt to brighten to up or add a little panache to the ensemble, I myself would add a pin badge to the Windsor knot on my tie, the girls would mostly brighten their hair and/or fingernails or try and push their luck with the rules on make up, normally failing to do so quite miserably. When it came to summer we were allowed to take our and ties and jumpers and, shock of shocks, have our shirts untucked!

These days I don’t have a work uniform as such, but I try to maintain a continuity of appearance so normally it’s a black shirt, black trousers and one from my selection of funky ties to add a bit of colour to the proceedings.



In the 1979 Doctor Who serial “City of Death”, Lalla Ward opted for her character’s costume for that story to be a school uniform (apparently she thought it would be bohemian enough to be running around the streets of Paris in) which aside from a dubious double-entendre makes a lot of sense if you look at it from the character angle. Romana is a freshly graduated Timelord who knows little of the Universe and the Doctor is an older more experienced Timelord teaching her about the universe, so it gives a student/teacher metaphor for their relationship.



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