Daily Prompt: Tender (fiction)

“Are you sure you want to?” she asked sincerely.

“I think so,” was the nervous reply.

The evening had been good, Carol had been wined and dined on the special menu and had enjoyed the view of the city in the distance under the skies and now they were both sat in Carol’s cabinet sitting on the small chair listen to the rhythmic sounds of the narrow-traction bogies. Carol looked divine laying back on the chair in her grey and black dress. She lent forward to the table and picked up the small decanter and pour herself and her date a large glass of Cognac.

“Come over here then, I won’t bite.” Carol said sweetly, “well…unless you want me too that is.”

Her date smiled and walked over and sat closely to Carol and placed an arm uncomfortably around her. Carol smiled, “have you done this before?” she asked gently.

“Not with another woman,” Kim admitted sheepishly. Carol smiled, kissed her finger and then gently pressed it against Kim’s lip before leaning over and gently kissing her on her chin. Kim leaned in and pressed her lips against Carol’s and slowly wrapped her arms around Carol.


Morning seemed to have arrived quicker the normal and Carol sat in the dining car awaiting to place her breakfast order, Kim had slept in a little and was showering and had told Carol she’d join her in a moment and too order a smoked Salmon Bagel with Crème Fraiche and a pot of Lapsung with Lemon.

“Excuse me madam,” said the steward as he approached the table, “what would you like for breakfast?” Carol placed the order for both of them and looked out the window warmly smiling to herself. A minute later Kim joined her at the table dressed in a T-Shirt and some tracksuit bottoms.

“I hope you don’t mind me borrowing these until I get back to my cabin,” she said. “I cannot bare the idea of the walk of shame.”

“I’m not sure if I should feel insulted at that,” laughed Carol. Before Kim could answer the waiter arrived with the drinks on a tray along with two sealed envelopes.

“One pot of Lapsung with lemon for madam and one pot black coffee for…. you madam.” He said with a slight pause, he was clearly expecting Carol to be joined by a man. “Oh and a telegram for madam Carol and a letter for madam Kim.” The waiter then mimed a bow and disappeared to get the food.

“What’s the telegram?” asked Kim as Carol browsed through the telegram.

“Just a minor change to my appointment when we arrived,” she said. “Your letter?”

“Knowing my luck it’s a bill,” Kim laughed opened the envelope and looked inside. Her face fell, “oh my god.”

“What is it Kim?” asked Carol concerned. Kim slide the envelope over and Carol had a look inside. Inside were a small number of photos from the night before, them at dinner and a one of them kissing on her sofa and a few of them beginning to get passionate. “Is there anything else?”

“Just this note,” said Kim grimly. “We will be in touch ambassador, be wary of the tender trap.” It was signed F.S.


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