Stuck in the Middle with You

So GE17 is over and the results have lead to a level of instability into the government thanks to a hung parliament leading to a potential coalition with DUP, the northern Ireland political party set up by the loud mouthed evangelical rev. Ian Paisley in the 1970s, a coalition which may well upset the balance in the fragile peace in Northern Ireland.
For those of not familiar with Paisley here are a few satirical swipes from Harry Enfield and the much missed Spitting Image

Anyone who has followed me on here, on Twitter (@sandmanjazz if you aren’t already) or are friends on Facebook and/or real life will know which way I voted and what my stance is, lets just say my bedroom curtains aren’t Blue.

Right now, let’s change the subject.

So after the epic three parter with the Monks, Doctor Who has taken a lighter tone this week with Mark Gatiss’s Empress of Mars which in a sentence can be described as ‘HG Wells’ First Men in the Moon in the style of H Rider Haggard’ and was a fun romp. Though the end scene implies something, Missy asks the Doctor if is really ok and there is linger shot with the flight sound playing but the TARDIS is not going… is the Doctor already beginning to regenerate?

I’ve made a few music and film purchases including two sets of Chet Baker albums, 15 albums over 8 discs including Grey December, With Strings, Chet, Chet Baker Sings, Chet Baker Sings- It Could Happen to You, Chet Baker Shuts the **** Up and Playboys… ok maybe one of those isn’t real. Also Freddie Hubbard’s 1967 album Backlash and The Jazz Age by the Bryan Ferry Orchestra, yes that is the same Bryan Ferry of Roxy Music fame. This album is covers of some of his greatest hits done in the style of a 1920s and 1930s Jazz Orchestra, it is very good.

Film wise I have purchased the blu-ray of the classic science fiction movie Forbidden Planet, which aside from introducing us to Robbie the Robot is based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest and bought Asimov’s law of Robotics to the mainstream.

I’ve been trying to catch up with my reading but I can seem to focus at the moment, not really sure why.

I’ve made a temporary sojourn into clean shaven territory, I wonder how long it’ll last.


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