Double Award

Mrs A stood at the front of the class room next to Mr Higgins, the art teacher who seemed to have ignored a line in student-teacher etiquette by allowing his students to address him informally as Bill, she smiled as the gaggle of students were filed into their seats and unpacked their satchels and they nervously exchanged glances with one another trying to ascertain why there were two teachers in the class today.

“Good afternoon class,” said Mrs A. “As you are all no doubt aware as of tomorrow I am hanging up by chalk and cane to go and work at the Warren where instead of cleaning your test tubes, I’ll be cleaning the test tubes of government research scientists.”

“Now I see you are looking a bit perplexed,” said Bill. “Why have we got one of our most popular science teachers sitting in on an art class?”

“Well Mr Higgins-”

“Please call me Bill”

“Well… Mr Higgins here feels that Art is like a science and while in Double Award Science you aren’t likely to create anything new with the resources, here in the Art room you are they creators and your abilities and imagination are your only limits. I concur with this view and as such I here to help you create some artwork.”

“Clara, would draw the curtains?” asked Bill addressing the student nearest the windows. The girl nodded and promptly drew the curtains and returned to her seat. Bill smiled and added, “I have no doubt this is going to be a class you will remember,” while pulling of the blanket on the podium. Mrs A handed him a stack of A-2 sheets of paper and Bill wandered down the class handing the sheets to the students while Mrs A disappeared behind a screen. His task complete, Bill returned to his position at the front of the class and gave his well known ‘any questions?’ shrug.

A student nervously rose his hand arm, “Bill, why have you had Clara draw the curtains?”

“A good question,” answered Bill. “It is because this class is private and we don’t want external influences affecting your creativity.” A moment later  Mrs A emerged from behind the screen in a dark green dressing gown and crossed to the podium with her back to her audience.

“I think we should get this initial bit of and done with straight away,” she said sweetly and Bill nodded in agreement. Mrs A turned her head to the class with a smile and let her dressing down slide down a little to show her neck and shoulders, after a pause of a second she slowly slipped the gown down revealing her bare to the sounds of a few muted gasps from the students. She paused with the gown around her waist and Bill nodded for her to continue, she smiled and let the gown slip exposing her bare buttocks and she nervously turned around to face her class and giggled the small wave of mild shock and discomfort spread over the pupils faces as they took in her naked figure.

“Oh my god miss, your tits are huge.” blurted one of the pupils who than blushed in silence.

“Are they I hadn’t noticed,” she laughed and sat on the podium finding her pose.

“Oh ok class, start creating.” Said Bill

In response to the Daily Prompt: Create


N.B. This totally fiction and not based on any real teachers at all.


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