The Sandman’s Q and A

Here are my posers for the week. Answer as a reply or with a ping-back. Open for all.


1. Do you have a favourite paranormal story and/or urban legend? When did you first hear it? What’s the story behind the story?

2. Would you ever posed fully or partially nude for a photos?

3. Tea or Coffee?


So my answers.

1. My favourite folkstory is that of the Magic Haddock, which is a fisherman’s variation on the tale of the Monkey’s Paw. In short it’s message is about being careful for what you wish for and think of the consequences.


2. I already have done and I don’t mean those associated with that play. A friend of one of my ex’s was doing a photography course and she wanted to do some nudes of people with skin disorders and since I have marks from treatment for Psoriasis I fitted the bill.

3. I’m an Englishman, so definitely Tea, can’t start my day without at least one brew. I usually go for English Breakfast, but I frequently drink Chai, Assam and Green Tea.

Over to you guys.


15 thoughts on “The Sandman’s Q and A

  1. 1. Experience rather than story: I was once lost on the local freeways, driving far to fast as I worried about a friend who called for help. One second I lost control of my car and was crossing lanes, headed straight for a gigantic (60′) retaining wall, knowing I was about to die.The next I was travelling the correct direction, in a lane, like the previous moments never happened. I recall wondering what the driver behind me had witnessed. I still can’t explain it and often wonder if I’m already dead, in a coma, crossed to another dimension… other?

    2. I posed nude for a photographer and a painter several years ago. The photo hung in a gallery for 5 or 6 months before I got it. The painting was a close-up of my vajayjay, which I did just to see if I could break through my own hangups. The painting was to artsy for my tastes (I preferred the artists’ photo realistic painting) so I didn’t buy it.

    3. Coffee.

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      • i chopped off my nude photo the legs (I wore stockings and shoes) and it’s my fb avatar. i can’t figure out what do to with the photograph. It’s large and my house faces an elementary school; putting it over the bed seems vain (and I have a paranoia about it falling on me in an earthquake); and it’s so heavily retouched that I really don’t feel like it’s me…but I LOVE it!! And doing it, as part of a big art project, felt like being on American’s Next Top Model or something… everyone there was super fun and into the event.

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      • I wouldn’t have done nude photos if not for the fact that it was a professional photographer and part of an art exhibit. Bonus was that the few other nudes (I’d say there were 50 nude portraits with 200+ non-nude ones) all posed just staring straight at the camera. But I went all cheeky monkey so my photo really stood out in the gallery.

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      • sorta Coppertone girl, minus the dog and plus stockings and heels. I thought i had a copy in here but I guess I don’t.
        the photographer airbushed every single wrinkle out of me… I looked about 18 (I was about 45 when I did it). He even airbrushed everyone’s teeth!! I only noticed because someone posing the same night as me did portrait only and it was a mega-poster… and I couldn’t stop staring at how white/perfect her teeth looked.

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      • Oh… and the vaj painting was a super-close up with my legs spread wide. took EIGHT posings with the painter about 2′ from my naughty bits. the works I preferred had fingers inserted or hold lips open – far naughtier.


  2. “The Canterville ghost ” ,it s a book that brings me back happy childhood memories.
    I would pose naked or semi naked? May be ,it is depend on who is the painter or the photographer I suppose.
    Sorry,being Italian definitely coffee over tea,but I can dip digestive biscuits in it😉


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