A Sojourn for Sarah

“I’ve been lonely of late,” she softly. “My roommate has been working a lot.”

“How long have you lived together?” The man asked

“About three years now, she moved in about six months after we started working together.”

“I see, what does she do?”

“She was a nurse, now…” She passed not sure what to say. “Now.. she’s a sort of civil servant.”

“Ah, it happens.” The man laugh, “so…” He added changing the subject.

Sarah smiled and blushed slightly, “Well not so long ago I went on a holiday with Liz and my uncle.” She began, she was beginning to twiddle with her hands.

“Go on,” said the man gently.

“Well one night Liz and I,” she paused with a warm smile. “We made love together and it was her first time with a woman.”

“I see,” the man nodded.

“Well.. I was thinking about it and how it was for her,” Sarah started. “Then one morning I thought, maybe I should do similar. I’ve never been with a man before and I want to try it out.” She added a bit nervous.

The man smiled nervously, “ok. What do you want to do?”

“As much as I can,” Sarah giggled.

“Well ok,” said the man. “Where to begin? Just worried about performance anxiety now.”

Sarah laughed, “well perhaps I can give you motivation.” She said slowly pulling down  her dress.



“How was it?” The man asked out of breath.

“It was different,” replied Sarah running her hand up his back. “But not the revelation I expected,” she added.



Via Daily Prompt: Revelation

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