Bix and Pieces

It feels like Upton was a long time ago despite it only being two weeks ago and I am still uploading videos to You Tube (and taken one down at the behest of one of the musicians as they screwed up the end) and I spotted something odd. Odd in a good way mind you, but still odd. In the autumn I purchased a small cheap HD Video camera to record bands, shoot some home movies (no, not that sort) and at some point do some Vlogs just to liven things up a bit on here and Wordpress and I did some testing and found the pictures were terrible. They were out of phase and had digital interference on the images, however the sound was good which was a bonus, so I uploaded them to Youtube and once uploaded… the pictures were absolutely fine. I’m guessing that Windows Media player couldn’t process the file format properly and the result was like watching a VHS recorded on Long Play on a Player which could only handle Shirt Play…. VHS recorders, you can tell I was born in the 80s. It looks like the camera wasn’t a total waste of £80 pounds after all which is nice.

I spent Sunday evening chilling to some Bix Beiderbecke including his own composition “In A Mist” which is one of a handful of recordings on which Bix plays piano as opposed to his usual Cornet, in fact it was his skills as a Piano player which got him his Union card (or whatever the 1920s equivalent was). At the moment I’ve got a playlist I created on Spotify playing which goes under the name of “Memento Mori” and is as you might guess, a very cheerful playlist. Artists on the list include Johnny Cash, Miles Davis, Dr John and Duke Ellington

A belated Happy Independence Day to American readers, at least you only have one  demented Orangeman running your Country.

I have finally finished the Vinyl Detective: Written in Dead Wax and it was very good, very much a book of two halves and very nearly two books in one. There is an interesting mix of real Jazz History to compliment the fictional record and recording artists which drive the story. Some of the fake musicians are clearly based on real figures in Jazz history including a certain Professor Jellaware who started his life as a pianist in a New Orleans brothel and had connections with the Mob and as supposed pimp… It won’t take you much effort to know who that is loosely based on. I certainly recommend the book whether you have a interest in Vinyl Records, Jazz and cats or not, as it is a pretty solid amateur detective story as well.

I’ve recently purchased the audio drama series Kaldor City (nothing to do with the Bottle City of Kaldor of Superman fame) which is a series based on the worlds and characters created by Chris Boucher for The Robots of Death and from his Blake’s 7 scripts. It features Peter Miles, Scott Fredricks and Paul Darrow in the cast list, so should be good.

Here’s some SwingZing from Upton:

Upton may have gone but I have some Jazz to look forward too on Sunday courtesy of the Chicago Swing Katz at the Brooklands at Meole Brace.

I see that Big Finish Productions have got an open submission window for their Short Trips range and I have put the feelers out for a budding co-author and may have found one in the form of Dr. Danni Cohen who has come up with good couple of starting points, one of which is similar to an idea I pitched as a novel to co-write with a long lost friend called Amanda.

In other book fronts I have a few locked room mysteries to read including Gaston Lareoux’s The Mystery of the Yellow Room, The Hollow Man​ and a mystery by AA Milne, yes that is the man who wrote Winnie the Pooh.

Planning my holiday for later in the year and while I did toy with returning to USA, I am thinking of going back to Cuba or going to Mexico as I fancy lounging around and not having to worry about budgeting in food and drinks as both destinations have all inclusive places. Mexico will be nice to see properly as my brief encounter last time came about thanks to meeting an old Mexican lady in the street who was telling me her village was being targeted by a bandit camp. I wasn’t sure what to say too this so I said I’m sorry, however she either misheard me or misunderstood me as it soon transpired that she thought I’d said “I’m Zorro” as I was shanghaied into a private jet and given a rapier and a black out fit…..


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