Saturday Fiction: And the Spring Passes Silently By

Revisiting an intro scene I wrote. Feed back much appreciated


Very much just jotting down a scene from an idea for a story featuring my character Arthur Fransure. The idea originated from two separate stories which I both felt lacked…. something. So after leaving them both in the bottom of my metaphorical sock draw I dug them out and decided to combine elements of both of them. As usual comments and feed back are much appreciated.

The story set up: Louisa Hornby is a 21 year old student studying Ecological Biology at University of Northampton and is on course for writing her dissertation which she is looking into the effects of pesticides. Louisa while from a wealthy family has chosen not to use family money to put her through Uni and has chosen to aide her finances by modelling for various pin up and glamour agencies. Three days after her 22 birthday Louisa is found murdered in her dressing room at a studio and her estranged…

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