Where Everybody Shouldn’t Know Your Name

This is another part of the story which began in Bubble Trouble

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The bar host was a pretty young lady, short and a bit on the chubby side, and quite clearly an English girl abroad. Latino lover perhaps? Or just decided on a job overseas? She wasn’t very tanned, if at all so that suggested a recent arrival. Sevenpenny smiled as her host took her to a table.

“Unusual to see a pretty young thing like you come to a beach bar unaccompanied,” the lady said with a smile.

“I am meeting someone,” replied Sevenpenny and scanned the room. “They haven’t arrived yet it seems.”

“What would you like to drink,” her host asked as Sevenpenny took a seat.

“Pina Colada please,” said Sevenpenny. The host shouted out to the bar tender in pidgeon Spanish and did rounds around the bar.

Sevenpenny looked around, this was not like Arthur to be late, if he was she wouldn’t let him forget it, not after the lectures he gave her. The pretty young lady return with her Pina Colada and a separate drink.

“I’m just finishing, do you mind if I join you?” The host asked with a friendly smile. “So nice to meet an English girl, I missed conversing without the guy is trying to shag me.”

“I know that feeling,” said Sevenpenny. “These don’t help,” she added pointing at her bosom

“Who’s your friend?”

“Someone I met at my knitting circle.” She answered. “Sure no one has left a message?”

“No,” answered the girl. “I’m Carol by the way.”

“Julia,” said Sevenpenny and they shock hands. “I got a message saying they had left me a gift at the bar to surprise me with. I guess I’m early.”

“Guess so,” Carol said. “Nothing has been left by a gentleman.”

“Ah it’ll be a double surprise,” said Sevenpenny.  She surveyed the somewhat dubious crowd and slid her hand to Carol and gave her hand a friendly squeeze. “I’m glad you joined me, they seem a bit…”

“They’re harmless really,” replied Carol.

“I guess,” said Sevenpenny leaning over. “Can I ask you something?”

“As long as it isn’t my hotel is just down the Street…”

“No,” smiled Sevenpenny. “That is isn’t a question. What I want to ask is…” She paused with a cheeky smile. “How did you know my friend from the knitting circle was a man?”

Carol looked up sharply but Sevenpenny was too quick and slammed her into an arm lock. “Where is he?” She rasped.

“I don’t….” She began only to find Sevenpenny force her to the floor.

“Try again!”

“I took her to the estate of Sr. Roderigez”

“That was quite a bumble,” tutted Sevenpenny. “I don’t think you have a career in cover stories. Now I suggest you lead on..”

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