Below Deck

The hull creaked under the onslaught of the elements but still the Friget ploughed on thrown the melee. The captain looked ruefully into the oncoming storm, it was foolish to be traveling at all in this weather, but orders were orders. Admiralty could be ridiculously reckless sometimes, even more so now Provine had joined the ranks, he wouldn’t put it past Provine to have selected them for this mission purely out of spite.

“Chief any idea how long the storm is going to last?” He asked though he knew the answer.

“No Idea,” said the CPO looking at the instrument bank, “weather has knocked out our systems.”

“Yes I thought it might have,” the captain looked at his crew. A skeleton crew for a special mission and he hardly knew any of them.

The Navigation Officer was looking concerned and was looking constantly at the floor.

“Sir,” he began, aware that the captain had picked up on his concern. “Are you sure the bulkhead is secure down below?”

“I am certain.”

“Good. If not and our passenger escapes… Well I don’t want to have my name on the roster of a ghost ship.”


Daily Prompt: Passenger


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