Sleepy Time in Shropshire

Well thanks to mis-reading the cinema times (twice!) I didn’t go to see Wonder Woman on Thursday and I was feeling tired yesterday so didn’t got to see the Chicago Swing Katz on Sunday night.
It’s going to be an expensive month this week as I have both my Car Insurance and my Service due, so much for cutting back on the spending eh?

The last few days I have been overly tired for some reason and despite grabbing a number of early nights I’ve still been feeling very tired not to mention my back has been giving me a lot of grief of late, I must be getting old.

I’ve got  Fever in the Blood by Oscar de Muriel and The Shining Man by Cavan Scott currently on the reading stand, the former is a thriller set in 1889 about an escapee from a lunatic asylum who before he asked had a conversation with a girl who was mute for six years and features a prologue set in the 17th Century where a dying and sadistic lord of the manor is seeming killed and his son cursed by a number of dying witches on the gallows, it might have a bit of a clichéd opening it sounds promising. The latter is one of three tie-in novels to the latest season of Doctor Who and clearly was commissioned in the early development of the season as the story does not feature Nardole, the story seems a nice mix of old school Who and new Who, set in contemporary England the story begins with sightings of a mysterious Shining Man which is being dismissed as a Halloween stunt, this being Doctor Who it obviously will be something alien or from the future, or both. Strangely enough despite the show being back on TV for over 10 years now, it still seems strange to have characters talk about You Tube, Online Gaming and Twitter in the series, I think it is perhaps more noticeable in the book because social media sites don’t really get much of a referencing on the TV Show, I think Tumblr was mentioned in Kill the Moon and The Bells of St. John referred to a few sites in part of a security leak and a few RTD episodes might have mentioned a few sites. Personally I think it quite refreshing that a show aimed at a younger demograph is pushing away from the casual use of social media and smart phones, an intriguing step for a science fiction show.

Recently I purchased a budget label 5 Album box of albums by Wayne Shorter, a Saxophonist who started out in Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers and later established himself on Blue Note Records before joining Miles Davis’ second famous quintet alongside Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter and Tony Williams and later joining with keyboard player Joe Zawinual to form the Jazz Fusion super-group Weather Report. Here he is playing his Weather Report composition A Remark You Made.

Currently drinking a rather nice mock-Barista coffee in a mug which is part of a pair Sian got me, this one declares that “the Owls are not what they seem” while the second, which is still to arrive declares it is a mug of “Damn Fine Coffee”. I am guessing Sian has twigged that I enjoy Twin Peaks, though I have get to see any of the new series. So what is the Sian situation? If you are looking for a definitive answer as to what is going on between me and Sian well, I’m sorry I haven’t a clue. Since she is clearly not interested in any levels of physical intimacy or that much of a social life I get the impression that she is pretty much a pretty pen pal.


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