Let a Smiley be Your Umbrella

One of the first movies Mary and I went to see together as a couple was the 2011 movie version of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy starring Gary Oldman as Le Carre’s seminal spy George Smiley.  This, as you may have guessed, was my choice of film and I must admit I was somewhat concerned that Moo would fall asleep or complain bitterly about being bored, as her definition of Spy films is more in line with Fleming’s 007 and Rowan Atkinson’s MI12 operative Johnny English. It is fair to say I think she was lost by the first hour having missed a few details early in, but by the end of the film she was enjoying it and had managed to figure out who the mole was before the reveal.

One thing she did mention was she was disappointed that we never saw the master counter spy Karla and I did inform her that there were two more books about Smiley locking horns with Karla, both of which appeared in my Christmas present that year.

Well it has been six years and Oldman has yet to return as Smiley in either The Honourable Schoolboy or Smiley’s People, the former probably couldn’t be adapted well to screen though just down to its sheer length.

Ah, well least I have the two BBC serials starring Alec Guinness to console myself with.


In response to Daily Prompt: Tailor


3 thoughts on “Let a Smiley be Your Umbrella

  1. John LeCarré is one of my favourite writers, although he can be a little heavy going. I prefer books to films, but have seen the film. I have The Honourable Scholboy on one of our bookshelves, but never really got into it. Books are too heavy for me to hold and have no backlight like a Kindle, but one day I will read it, or perhaps upload it. And I have read Tinker, Tailor etc. etc. I once listened to an Interview with Le Carré on the Swiss Radio and he speaks very good German.


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