The Fats Show

This was a pitch which happened very much because of a disastrous typo on a pitch. Back in my youth I was trying to make a splash on the boards both in terms of acting and in a musical capacity (see The Mutant Phase). Well I pitched a single title to a small venue which hosted AmDram and music with the intent of doing a Tribute Show to Charlie Higson and Paul Whitehouse’s quick fired sketch show The Fast Show. It was a single line suggestion “The Fast Show: A Tribute” and I posted it in the box and a week later I got an email from the pub asking me to expand upon the idea and I went to a meeting. I arrived and to my horror I had in fact typed “The Fats Show: A Tribute”, now I was in a quandary, do I hang my head in shame and tell it’s a typo?



Instead I come up with a completely different idea on the spot; a tribute to the three Fats: Waller, Navarro and Domino with a nod to Hayes, he may not be a Fats but he was certainly Tubby.

The idea got a bit more work into it but ultimately fell victim to my inability to find people to form a band.


In response to the Daily Prompt: Disastrous

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