Time for Tea

“Good afternoon noon sir,” beamed the waiter. “Have you made a reservation?”

“Indeed I have, the name Kesten Grenville.” Grenville said coldly.

The waiter checked his list and located the name on the list. “Oh yes sir, I see you are booked in for afternoon tea. Your guest has already arrived and is seated.”

“So I see,” stated Grenville as he scanned the restaurant.

“My I take your jacket?” Queried the waiter.

“A £12,000 jacket in the hands of a man who styles his hair with brylcream?” Barked Grenville, “I think you know the answer to that. I’m grown man, I think I am capable of having afternoon tea and not spilling it down myself.”

“Very good sir,” said the waiter guiding Grenville to the table. “Is this meeting  social or business?”

“Both.” Answered Grenville as he took his seat at the table. “I’ll take a pot of Earl Grey with lemon for myself and Chai for my ‘friend’.”

“Very good sir,” said the waiter and disappeared in to the bowels of the restaurant. Grenville’s partner lowered the newspaper which had been obscuring her face. She looked Grenville up and down and smiled.

“You are taller and thinner than I expected,” she said with a smile. “Do try the lemon drizzle cake, it is superb ”

“Thank you for the tip,” said Grenville. “Is this really the best location for conducting business?”

“Oh the tea and cakes are superb,” said the woman. “Plus it pays to look slightly conspicuous. The staff will no doubt assume we are engaged in extra curricular relationships and as such won’t think to much about us and leave us to it.”

“I see,” said Grenville. “So I understand you are in need of a removal.”

“Oh yes, a cabinet. Dark Brown finish about twenty years old. A gift for client but now we feel it is obstructive and needs to be redistributed ”

The waiter returned with a trolly with two steaming pots of tea and a variety of triangular sandwiches of various fillings, and assorted cakes and biscuits.

“Here we go,” said the waiter handing over the items and pouring two cups of tea. “I strongly recommend the Coffee and Walnut muffins. The sandwiches include Ham Hock, Egg and Watercress, Cucumber, and Fried Banana and Crisps.”

“Fried Bananas and Crisps for afternoon tea, how delightfully decadent.” Said Grenville with a sneer, “I do hope you remembered the salad cream.”

“Very droll sir,” said the waiter as he departed.

“I like the little quirks here as well,” said the woman with a smile.

They engaged in casual chit-chat for a few minutes before Grenville bought business back to the table.

“When do you want me to collect this cabinet?”

“Within 10 days, I have given you an expenses fee in advance and you’ll get full payment on delivery.” Said the woman. She smiled and produced a dog earred photo from her handbag and handed it to Grenville. It was a woman of about twenty with a elfin face, dark hair and very striking eyes. Grenville looked over the photo and turned it over, there were a few notes written on it.

“She’s pretty,” said Grenville.

“Very much so,” said the woman. “Don’t be fooled by her youthful appearance, she’s quite a resourceful and wild young lady.”

“Oh I think I can tame the young lady,” said Grenville.

“Your reputation proceeds you,” said the woman. “Don’t turn out to be a flash in the pan.” She added as she bit into a drizzle cake. “Mmm, these are divine.”

“Rest assured, she’ll be dead by Friday”

Daily Prompt: Tea


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