A Fish Supper

“This is rather unusual is it not?” Mused Dr. Webster as he escorted Arthur down the corridor to the morgue.

“A pathologist going through the results of a post mortem with a government operative?” Smiled Arthur, “incredibly.”

The good doctor smiled and opened the door and crossed to the table where the cadaver lay.

“Robert J Holmes, aged 43. Five foot seven, no known criminal record.” The doctor began as he uncover the body. “He collapsed in Neptune’s early this afternoon and died en route to hospital.’

“It is very tragic doctor, but this sounds like a case for the local bobbies,” stated Arthur a little dismissively.

“And people say there is no sentiment in security,” tutted Dr. Webster. “Well, in fairness I assumed it was a simple case of heart failure and I volunteered to do the PM to give the police surgeon the night off.”

“Ok, doctor cut to the chase,” snapped Arthur.

“When I did the autopsy I noticed a few things off, namely a number of lacerations to his throat.” Arthur studied the corpse briefly before whipping out his pince-nez and studied the deceased’s neck.

“I can’t see any…” He began.

“You are looking in the wrong place,” answered the doctor. He grabbed a pair of tweezers and pulled back the skin on the man’s throat.

“Inside? Did he swallow glass?”

“That was my first thought,” admitted Dr Webster. “So I went to the stomach and I was surprised to find mixed in with all the part digested fish meal was this.” He bought a covered kidney bowl to Arthur and showed Arthur the contents.

“Stone the crows,” exclaimed Arthur. “In his stomach? How did it get there?”

“He swallowed it,” answered Dr. Webster, “he was by all accounts a regular diner at Neptune’s. You’d have thought he’d be use to rich food by now.”

Arthur groaned and shook his head, “oh dear doctor. So the question is how did he get to the position where he swallowed a diamond?”


“Ok, I’ll call the Corporal to do some leg work.”

“Where are you going to begin?”

“Scene of the crime of course,” replied Arthur. “We should find out when the king of the ocean got his fish order delivered.”

Daily Prompt: Delivery

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