Bits n Bobs

After a small break from the live music scene for various reasons, namely distance and road works, Sunday marked my return to the Chicago Swing Katz in Meole Brace. Now in the mean time the Brooklands has under gone a change of management/owner ship and to ring in the changes a new name has been given to the pub; the Brooklands is now called the Wild Pig. Despite the name change and what looks like a lick of paint on the exterior (though that may be just because I am looking at in full daylight) it seems pretty much business as usual. Roy Sainsbury was back on guitar having been absent from the last gig I attended. The sets were good and the band was on fine form in playing and banter terms. There will be a full gig report coming sooner or later.

I’ve listened to Kaldor City disc 4 which is called Taron Capel and features a cameo appearance from Taron Capel, despite the fact that he was killed by strangulation in The Robots of Death, how does this happen? Spoilers! I have to make a correction on my pervious  entry, it seems David Collings is playing the same character he did before.

I made the best of a wet Monday evening and went to Shrewsbury Cinema for a VSOP of Batman & Harley Quinn which was a bit of a mixed bag, the plot didn’t really seem overly akin to a Batman based plot which revolved around Poison Ivy deciding to turn the human race into human/plant hybrids to stop us from destroying the Environment… or something like that. Harley Quinn was voiced by Melissa Raunch who is best known as the cute-as-a-button and ever-so-slightly terrifying Bernadette in The Big Bang Theory and in what I thought a bad move, chose to use her Bernadette voice through out which made it a bit shrill. Overall the problem was it couldn’t decide what the tone of the film was to be. Was to be dark and moody a la BvS and the Dark Knight trilogy or campy and fun like the Adam West series and the Lego movie as there were tonal jars through out, with silly fart jokes to amuse the kids, an off screen fight represented by Pow, Zap style captions, mixed in with a Harley working in what is essentially a superhero version of Hooters, flashing her knickers at and seducing Nightwing, some more graphic fight scenes and a sterner more serious Caped Crusader. Full review coming later.

My retro gaming phase has began again as I have been playing a couple of Fan Made Dizzy games namely “Grogg Island Dizzy” which despite the shared setting of “Treasure Island Dizzy” of Dizzy trapped on an island is a very complex game with nods to the Monkey Island games and the films “The Goonies” and “The Shawshank Redemption”. There is plenty of humour throughout, albeit at a rather childish level at times, with a town called Haweshole meaning it is populated by Hawesoles and some fun and games with domestic chaos in the house of the Island Governor. The game won the 2010 DizzyAGE Easter Competition.

The other is a more out and out sequel to an Official Dizzy game and is called Back to Magic Land, I’ll let you figure out which game it is a sequel to.
It is again a complex game loaded with humour and some actual attempts at continuity to the original game which are nice nods to the nostalgic player and not alienating to a new player.

Last night I watched the 1925 version of The Phantom of the Opera which stars Lon Chaney as the titular Phantom. Being made in 1925 the film is obviously a silent movie which is in a way rather ironically amusing and thus escapes the trap of the 1945 version with Claude Raines which fills the film up with way too much opera and not enough Phantom. The print is excellent having been cleaned up by the BFI though I query if they have matched up missing footage as towards the end there are sequences in colour, I don’t mean tinted pictures but actual colour film. However the sequences on the rooftop seem to have Lon Chaney in them and in colour. Curious. Except a film review later.

I’ve abandoned my plans for an overseas holiday this year but instead have opted to have a short break in November in the small Yorkshire town of Holmfirth and I a staying in a pub called The White Horse Inn, the exterior of which may be familiar to some people. I plan to get some waterproofs and do a bit of hiking up hill and down Mrs. Dale, being November it will also give me a great reason to wear my Gregory Porter style Hataclava. Oh and I have booked a ticket for the Mexican Day of the Dead event at Shrewsbury which should be fun.

That’s all for now peeps.
And Finally
I think my car boot is full of Toadstools. Do you know why I think that? Because there’s not Mushroom inside.

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