An Afternoon by the Seaside

“Are you not coming in?” A male voice called, “the water’s lovely!”

“You are crazy, it’s Scarborough not Margarita.” Answered the girl.

“Don’t be a stick in the mud, people swim in the North Sea.”

“Only if they fell off a boat,” the girl retorted.

Grenville checked his photo, it was definitely her. She was very young, quite why they wanted her out the way didn’t really make sense. But the fee was expanded and he  was the removal man, he had a job to do. Grenville watched the man, he was at least about ten years older than the target, what were his movements. The girl seemed happy to sit on the beach reading a magazine of some description, he could get a clear shot any time, he lifted the rifle and focused the sight on the girl. The photo didn’t do her justice, she was beautiful. There’s no place for sentiment in my line of work he told himself and tightened his finger on the trigger… The girl glanced towards her friend and flinched, it took a few seconds for Grenville to figure out what it was. A few seconds too late, the girl leapt away turning the deck chair into the air as he squeezed the trigger. The shot clanged with the metal frame and the girl zig zagged her way to a crowd. Cut it and run. Grenville tossed his rifle into his sports bag and slipped over the rocks.


“I just caught the reflection of sun in the sight in the corner of my eye,” the girl explained down the phone.

“Nice to see your reflexes are good, did you find out anything?”

“I went back to the chair a few minutes-”

“Good grief Sevenpenny, do you have a Death-wish?”

“Well it would be moot, the bullet was rubber.”



“Interesting. I wonder if it is a calling card.”

“How do you mean?”

“I’ll explain in person. Are you staying in Scarborough?”


“I’ll be there by the evening. In the mean time I will text you the number of a useful friend.”


The phone went dead and Sevenpenny cursed under her breath. A moment later her phone bleeped with a message. Sevenpenny smiled as she read the name.

“Of course, who else?’


This is a possible development of the story started in Time for Tea,



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