Week Ending

Well my Sunday night Jazz session didn’t go according to plan as the Sunday Roast dinner with the family ended up being 90 minutes later then planned thanks to an unscheduled Skype call from Helen.
Following on my David Lynch stanch I watched Eraserhead on Thursday night which is his first feature film and is very… experimental shall we say. It contains early forms of the tropes associated with Lynch with a fluid narrative, dream sequences (?) where the lead character is guided by external sources, surreal visuals and a curious approach to sexuality. The plot, as it is, revolves around a man called Henry who lives in what appears to be post-apocalyptic world and fathers a child which is hideously malformed. His wife leaves as she can’t cope with the screeching infant and Henry finds himself haunted by the image a disfigured woman who lives in his radiator. I’m not really sure what happens as a story but there are a number of sequences which stick in the mind’s eye… such as a dream sequence where he dreams his head falls off after sex and his body is reheaded by the head of his snake like child, while a child takes his head to a factory where they turn it into pencils. Did I mention this film is weird? The film ends with what appears to be the end of the world thanks to Henry’s actions… The film is not exactly Lynch’s greatest but it sets out the stepping stones for what would become associated and is well worth a view, even if just the once.

My feet haven’t improved much and a brief visit to the pharmacist has clearly indicated a trip to see the doctor.

I picked up my horn again in Wednesday and had a bit of a toot, long way before I get my chops back but I did less bum-notes then before and I think I need to invest in a music stand as I cannot get the breath control right sitting down. Not at the moment anyway, I’m sure I’ll pick it up once again.

Caught up with a young lady I haven’t seen for nearly 12 years. She remembered me.. I would be surprised if she hadn’t. Lol I think Leendadll would know why….

All in all an uneventful week


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