Time Passes

Well my feet are slowly returning to what can be called their former glory, the redness has gone and it is mostly dead skin peeling away, meaning my carpet looks absolutely lovely everytime I take my socks off. There is a of dry skin on hands but I am confident that the various creams will strike up a treat and all will be fine and dandy.

I recently rewatched a couple of episodes  from the third season of the Avengers (that is the second series with Honor Blackman of Goldfinger fame as Steed’s partner), the first was called Death A La Carte and as one might guess from the title, food is the M.O. of the villian. The plot is one of the less fantastical plots of the season and harks back to the earlier seasons where the show was more inline with straight ahead sleuthing or spying. An Emir from an unnamed middle-eastern country is visiting London for medical treatment for a series of conditions and this has attracted the attention of opposition powers who are trying to bump him off. Steed goes under cover as a masterchef in an attempt to protect the Emir and find the assassins and the kitchen scenes are very reminiscent of working in a professional kitchen, I wonder if writer John Lucarotti had experience in such a place. There is a stroppy gastronomic chef who delights in winding up the pastry chef Lucian and the interplay is wonderful as they go about trying to sabotage each others work. Mrs Gale is assigned as a cultural attache to the Emir. The Emir is an interesting character as he appears to be something of a cultural stereotype around people but later shows himself to be a lonely old man, one can sense the disappointment when his fancy starter is replaced by poached eggs on toast.  The storyline fits the studio restrictions well and director Kim Mills deserves some praise for good visual effect as Steed scales the outside of the hotel. However a lot of the camera work is flat and there are a couple of bloopers, notably one of the bodyguards completely failing to catch a key which was thrown to him and a camera nearly knocking a table over during a sweep. Overall the episode is a solid well written mini-thriller with many fine qualities, pity they had to tag on a comedy closing scene. The second episode was “The Grandeur that Was Rome” which is about a man who plans to wipeout most of the world with a plague and then take over as Caeser of a new Roman empire… no,I haven’t made that up to see if you are still paying attention. Ok, the premise is a bit wacky but it at least represents what should be a interesting concept. Unforetunately the episode fails to deliver on virtually every level. The roman loving villain’s lair looks horribly cheap and his hair cut is just plain daft, Kim Mills’ direction is the worst he’s done for the series with static shots revealing the productions shortcummings and the dialogue is often dreadful. This is not an episode for watching, this is an episode for skipping on the disc.

Those who follow me on social media were warned about an oncoming ranty post, well I have taken the approach of don’t vent when annoyed. Sleep on it and if it still bothers you in the morning, then post about it. It’s not getting posted about.

Nothing much else to say at the moment.



2 thoughts on “Time Passes

  1. I wonder how many of us (probably not very many) that remember watching the Avengers series when it was first televised: people like me. I had a thing for Patrick MacNee when he was young and lovely and even had a signed photo somewhere after writing to the TV for one, even he is now in the happy hunting grounds. I remember the series was on the TV at 10.15 in the evening, I think it was Saturday. I remember the last Honor Blackman episode when she left because her long lost husband suddenly appeared after returning from some sort of jungle endeavour, where he got lost – or something like that. Yes they were the good old days.

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