Lost in the Desert

The feet are getting back into shape and l am looking less like someone cosplaying Philip Marlow, I have various steroid creams and what not to rub in and I am soaking my feet in Imolient in a washing basin and thus look like I am a man in the 1950s with a cold. It is nice to be on the mend though.

Wednesday I went to see the Hitchman’s Bodyguard at the cinema which stars Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L Jackon and Gary Oldman and is described as a comedy but isn’t really. It is about the UN attempting to prosecute the tyrant ruler of an Eastern European country for war crimes and ethnic clensing but struggling as all the witnesses keep getting bumped off (because no one in the security services doesn’t seem to realise that there is a high level mole in Interpol until Samuel L Jackson’s character is attacked en route from prison) and there final witness is a hired assassin played by Samuel L Jackson and he is drafted in with a deal being made for his benefit. Now the set up and opening is very much for a serious action movie a violent and bloody shoot out in the streets of Manchester and the sole surviving Interpol agent taking her charge undercover and drafting in a bodyguard to help. The problem is Ryan Reynold’s character appears to in a completely different movie which is a light hearted story about a bodyguard obsessed with rules and planning and the sequences with him outside of the plot are light hearted and silly. The tone varies throughout flipping between gritty action thriller and comedic mismatched-buddy-movie and while there is no reason why if handled well, that can work, here it does not and what happens is there are just number of very uncomfortable changes of direction and as a result the film doesn’t really hold together. Ah well, they don’t all work out do they.

Roald Dahl was recently celebrated in the press and the usual suspects of the best works of Dahl were banded about; Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach, Matilda and the Witches being thrown about as must reads which is fine as they are all good children’s books which also have a broad appeal, but his work not aimed at children was bought up. So in a way to readdress the balance I suggest that you should order the two volume set of his short stories which were written between 1954 and 1987, some of which were later adapted for Tales of the Totally Predictable Unexpected, namely “Lamb to the Slaughter” and “the Landlady”.



Work has been going well, though on Sunday I was having a total Brain-fart day as I managed to totally forget what Declan’s name was and over the course of the day called Chloe Sian and later Katherine. As you can imagine, like Queen Victoria, Chloe was not amused. Just as I thought my day couldn’t get much silly when conversing in the Pub after work I referred to I Am Legend as being written by Charles Beaumont as opposed to Richard Matheson, my excuse here is that I must have been thinking how they both had work adapted for the original Twilight Zone series. Well, that’s what I am sticking too.

I have relistened to Kaldor City: Taren Capel as I had been told by the writer I had missed the answer to his question why did Iago go into the desert? Well after pretty much spelling it out to me I think when I listen to Storm Mine I will need the version with big words and lift up flaps.

I was on Twitter the other day and this tweet about William Russell amused me greatly.


Which lead to a series of tweets of the Early Adventures of Ian Chesterton when before he was a teacher he was a spy, which although a flight of fancy wouldn’t not work. Ian certainly handles himself very well in a fight and he does have a lot of knowledge of survival skills and overseas locations unusual for people his age in that era… it can’t all be down to National Service can it?

I managed to catch up with Noggin a few weeks ago and it was fun to catch up with him, he’s a nice chap even if he does smell like rotting flesh at times. However I can have done without big Rob passive aggressively trying to rub me up the wrong in regards to Mary…

Not much else too say



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