“Who is it?” Asked Sevenpenny cautiously.

“It’s Prince William,” came a tort reply.

“I don’t think you have security clearance your Majesty,” laughed Sevenpenny as she unlocked the door. Arthur strolled carrying a Gladstone bag.

“What’s in the bag?” Asked Sevenpenny.

“Supplies for the next few days.” Answered Arthur.

“Arthur we a full larder already, we can’t lose anymore space.”

“I said that they were supplies,” said Arthur, “I never said they were of the consumable kind.” He dropped the bag on the table and opened it.

“Well don’t keep me in suspense what is in there?”

Arthur smiled naming the items as he took them out the, “I have two books full of patterns and seven balls of wool, plus needles. A copy of the latest gadgets magazine, three bottles of Vanilla Stout-”

“I thought you said there were no consumables.”

“Well I felt it wouldn’t hurt to split a bottle.” He answered before resuming emptying the bag. “Some make up, two cheap paper backs and the latest edition of Max Power.”

Sevenpenny crossed over to the table. “These’ll keep me occupied for a few hours,” she said picking up the Gadget Magazine and the copy of Max Power.

Arthur handed her the make up box. “You’ll like this,” he said opening the box and removing the compact.

“I have enough make up,” said Sevenpenny dismissingly.

“Not like this. Well I doubt it….” Smiled Arthur. “Just watch this.” He fiddled with the compact and a small button appeared. “Detention device, the earring are in fact explosives and the lipstick is a disguised pistol. Just in case you can’t easily get to the six-shooter in your stocking top.”

“Why the extra ammo?” Asked Sevenpenny.

“An attempt was made on your life and I saw a particular van in Scarborough.”


“Yes, Clarke’s removals. It may be coincidence that the van was about, but…”


“Clarke’s removals is a front for freelance assassin Keston Grenville, dubbed the removal man.”

“Grenville? Someone really wants me dead”.

Via Daily Prompt: Coincidence

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