“What do you mean?” Asked Tanel exasperated.

“We can’t take off,” answered Jenna. “I thought I covered that with the ship is grounded. Perhaps I should give you a diagram with one-syllable words and lift up flaps.”

“I got that bit, I want to know why.”

“Then perhaps you should select your choice of phrase more carefully. It is very simple someone has planted an explosive device under the launch pad. Pressure sensor activated, that’s how I’d have done it.”

“Well in that case why didn’t the bomb go off when we landed?”

“My god Tanel how the hell did you reach your position when you are unable to grab such a similar concept. Think of a detonater from the early twentieth century, landing on the launch pad was the equivalent of pulling the plunger up, taking off will be pushing it down.”

“So someone wants to blow us up.”

“No, if that was the case the bomb would have been detonated the minute Gemini landed.”

“So someone wants to keep us here permanently.”

“I think note, more likely trying to delay us. If they wanted us here permanently, they’d have remotely detonate the bomb.”


“I am a intelligence advisor not a psychic, I really have no idea. Yet.”

Daily Prompt: Launch



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