Circle in the Round

‘Circle in the Round’ is a piece of music recorded on the 4th of December 1967 by legend that was Miles Davis and as it is obvious from it’s length and stylings that it was the first major step on the route to his switch to electric Jazz which came to a head with the albums ‘Filles de Kilimanjaro’ and ‘In a Silent Way’, before being defined by the still controversial 1969 album ‘Bitches Brew’.

‘Circle in the Round’ itself is was kept in the vaults by Columbia for over a decade, for multiple reasons (I imagine that the extended track time, even by Jazz standard, was a bit off putting as it would preclude any radio play and take over the entire side of an album),  and was finally released in 1979 in an album which was a hotchpotch of studio material recorded from various session over the years but unreleased until then. The reason for this was down to Miles going on a sabbatical from recording and playing around 1979. The documentary The Miles Davis Story puts it down to physical and creative burnout, but that is more to it then that and the details can be looked up in various Miles Davis biographies. Anyway, this and a few other albums were put together in order I imagine to fill contractual album obligations and it wasn’t until the 80s when Miles return to the studio for the comeback album ‘The Man with the Horn’.

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