When the Curtain Rises

In terms of bravery I don’t think that the heroic interpretation of the word will ever apply to me. I wouldn’t say I was a coward, merely cautious and likely to take a calculated risk.

However, if there was something I would like to brave on with it would be three written projects, namely one book and two plays, well one book, a play and two stage adaptions. I’ll start in reverse order. I would like to do a stage adaption of Nigel Kneale’s The Quatermass Experiment.   This was the first of three science fiction serials featuring the character written for the BBC in 1950s and was broadcast live in 1953 and tells the story of the first manned rocket going into space, something going wrong and when the rocket returns only one of the astronauts is inside and as the serial progresses we learn that Carroon  has been infected by something in space which has absorbed the other two astronauts into him and he starts to mutate into an alien creature. Only the first two episodes of the serial were recorded, but copies of the script both written and camera are available for the final four episodes, so there is material to work from. Now I chose Experiment partially because it is incomplete (although there has been a film and a remake) but mainly as I feel that it would be the easiest to adapt to the stage. The ending is suitably dramatic and was achieved on live TV in the 1953, so I imagine the only difficulty would be realising the creature Carroon becomes.

The second would be much more a challenge which would be a stage version of Dennis Potter’s The Singing Detective, which with its multiple narrative streams would be a logistical nightmare, I imagine a certain amount of liberal pruning would be required.

The play, well I gave it the working title of Never Mind the Moorlocks, I’ve a Time Machine and is a musical based on HG Wells’ classic novel The History of Mr Polly… oh come on if you need me to tell you which one you deserved that. I’m not quite sure how I’d begin on that one though.

Finally, the book is Transatlantic Conversations which as a title has personal significance to me and may well be familiar to you if you are thirty-something lady from Michigan whose surname is or was Gardiner. It is the story of two friends, one American and one English, who befriend each other over the internet thanks to a shared love of Jazz and put upon the idea of forming a Jazz band. The story follows them as they begin there journey, facing up to creative differences, the struggle of the live music scene, immigration issues and changes within their own personal lives which affect them professionally and their friendship.

I guess the main reason I haven’t done them is that I am not Brave enough to risk the criticism and backlash which is a possibility once the curtain rises.

Daily Prompt: Brave


2 thoughts on “When the Curtain Rises

  1. Oh the memories of Quatermass. I remember as a kid hiding behind the armchair when mum and dad were watching. Mum naturally wanted to send me to bed, but I insisted. It was only a black and white TV with a tiny screen but I would take a peep now and again. I watched the film in later years although it was not the authentic story.

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    • The film (which was retitled The Quatermass Xperiment to exploit the new X rating) had no scripting contribution from Nigel Kneale as he was still a staff writer at the BBC when the film was made, hence the huge amount of changes. Kneale is well documented as hating it and the following film adaptation of Quatermass 2.

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