Annie sat her desk nervosly scribbling a doodle on a blank page in her diary, words from an overheard lunchtime conversation rang in her ears.

“I am telling you Jimbob, she flopped her tits out in front of the whole bar. They’re huge… I didn’t need the internet that night when I got home.”
It was a part heard conversation and she hadn’t seen who it was who said it… She’d been careful to check to see if anyone else associated with the college had been present, she hadn’t recognised anyone else but she didn’t know everyone. How could she? She scribbled a number of four letter words across her notebook and took.a deep breath. There was a knock on the door, she looked up and gave permission for entry. It was Bob, his English notes tucked under his arm.

“You wanted to go over something with me?” He asked nervously, he clearly had an inkling what this was about.

“Please close the door and take a seat,” she said raising from her chair and collecting some notes as he sat. “Your essay on Jude the Obscure was interesting, I’m not sure I interpreted Jude as an aggressive character towards Cousin Sue, Philotson or Arabella but I see your reasoning.”

“Well he does seem to be passive aggressively goading Sue’s marriage to break down.” Answered Bob.

There was a pause as Annie fidgeted with her blouse. 

“About Friday…” She began, “…and my.-er- performance.”

“Have I told anyone that you got naked in the pub?” Asked Bob releasing Annie of the award question.

“Well, have you?” She asked sternly.

“No, I haven’t. I am still a bit…” He squirmed a bit. 

“Didn’t think I would do it?” She asked with a more relaxed tone. She looked at Bob’s sight line, “would you mind not staring at my chest?”

“Sorry,” he answered sheepishly. “It’s a bit difficult when I last time I saw you, you had your boobs on show.” 

Annie smiled, “I guess so.”  She crossed to her desk and sat down. “I think it best we keep this quiet.’

“I guess so,” he shrugged. He looked up and smiled at her, “you have a great body.”

“Thank you,” Annie replied. “So have you. You are very well endowed, I don’t think I could fit you in my mouth.” She added with a laugh.

“I’m sorry?”

“I think with a few edits, your essay could get an A.” The bell rang indicating the beginning of next period.

“Unless you have any other suggestions.” She added as Bob departed.

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