The Surreal World of a Teenage Sandman.

When I was spotty little ‘erbert of a Sandman, one of my favourite subjects at school was English and the opportunity to indulge in creative writing was the main reason for my enjoyment of the subject. In year 9 or possibly 10 (it’s 20 years ago so allow me some wiggle room) one of our course work assignments was a piece of creative writing in which we had to start from a choice of four given titles, two of which were The Metal Hand and The Game Keeper, the other two I cannot recall for the life of me- though I am sure one had something to do with clouds. I chose the title of the Game Keeper as I felt I could fathom a good story from that.

The result produced was perhaps my second experience of what in the professional writing world would be seen as a clash with the editor. What I wrote was heavily influenced by TV’s The Avengers as I had the villian of the piece being the game keeper of some nob’s estate, but rather than have a story about hunting and/or bloodsports I took the Game part and gave it a different meaning.. what this Game Keeper did was kidnap resourceful and intelligent people and force them to play a series of games in order for them to obtain their release. Failure at the games would mean death… … … A sort of nightmare version of The Crystal Maze and not at all a rip off of the Dr Who story the Celestial Toymaker. My tutor (not the pretty enormously bosomed one I sometimes refer to), took me aside as she wasn’t sure if I had misinterpreted the term “game keeper” or had deliberately inverted it… Or if I had just written it while off my tits on magic mushrooms or some other mind altering drug. She called it the Krypton Factor directed by David Lynch. Of course back then I had no idea who David Lynch was and as such I was not sure if that was an insult or compliment.

She highlighted what she called a particularly surreal sequence where my characters had to escape a life sized version of Mouse Trap and an deadly game of musical chairs where each time the music stopped you had to sit down… But a number of chairs where electrified and each round fewer and fewer were safe.


I suspect nowadays it would be enough to put in front of the school shrink.

Daily Prompt: Surreal.

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