A Field Trip for Annie

“So what is on the itinerary tomorrow miss?” Asked Bob.

“Well we’re going to the Jamaica Inn,” replied Annie.

“I wouldn’t have thought there was a feild trip for A-level English,” laughed Bob.

‘Cornwall just about can be justified thanks to Gilbert & Sullivan, the Doctor Syn novels and Daphne de Maurier.” Answered Annie.

“And the beach?” Asked Bob with a wry smile.

“It’s been a long journey today,” answered Annie. “Clears the cobwebs.”

“Fair enough,” answered Bob. He looked at the sea, “are you going in?”

“Why not?” Answered Annie. She watched over her shoulder at a dozen students playing football over in the distance and others milling about on the sea front. “If you excuse me,” she said politely gesturing Bob to turn around. He did so and she pulled her jumper and trousers off and quickly changed into her bikini. “All done.”

Bob turned around and smiled nervously trying not to eye her up and tried putting out his mind that only six weeks ago she’d bared all. “Er are you going to offer me the same courtesy?” He asked sheepishly. Annie nodded and turned her back as he changed.

“The was quite refreshing,” said Annie as they returned to their towels, both of them glistening with the sea water. She noted that most of the students have moved down to the more active part of the beach.

“It was,” laughed Bob.

Annie smiled, “do you mind if I catch the sun?”

“No,” replied Bob puzzled.

“Thanks,” answered Annie and reached her arms behind her back and unclipped her bikini straps and slipped it to the floor.”

“Fucking hell!” Exclaimed Bob, some what surprised at her actions.

“Plenty of women sunbathe topless,” she laughed. “And its not like you haven’t seen them before.”

“Umm I guess not,” he mumbled shyly, trying his best to avoid looking at her breasts.

“It’s ok you can look,” Annie laughed. “Get anything you want to say out of your system.’

“Umm they’re massive,” he stammered.

Annie laughed and ran picked her way through her handbag for some suntan lotion and quickly started applying it to herself. She looked up at Bob who was edging a bit, “did you want to rub it in?” she asked cheekily.

Bob blushed and looked around, no one in sight. “Ok,” he said. Annie smiled and squeezed some lotion on her back and let Bob rub it in. “All done.” He concluded.

“Yup,” answered Annie. “I’ll do your back.” Bob nodded and let her rub the lotion in.

“Miss..” he giggled, “I can feel your nipples on my back.”

“When you’re as big as me that tends to happen,” Annie said softly.

“I guess,’ he giggled. Bob looked around, no one in sight at all. He’d try this for a giggle and see what she said.

“Miss Davenport,” he began, “would you mind if I caught some more than?”

“Ok,” replied Annie, guessing he had some Speedos under his swim shorts.

“Thanks,” he replied and slid off his shorts.

“Oh my,” gasped Annie at his bare bum. “I thought.. ..”

“Well,” he said, “I don’t want white bits.”

“I guess not,” she smiled, was he going to face her ? Sod it! She told herself, just ask. “Are you going to stay facing away?”

“As long as you are comfortable with it,’ he answered and turned to face her.

“Oh my!” She gasped looking at his penis. “I’d forgotten how big it was…”

“Thanks, I think..” laughed Bob blushing slightly.

Annie handed him the lotion bottle, “do you want to do my breasts?”

Bob smiled sheepishly and squirted the a drop on her chest and started massaging in it. Annie smiled, “enjoying that?” she asked. Bob nodded.

“All done,” he said.

“Yup,” she looked around and in the distance saw familiar faces. “We’d better dress, people on their way.”


The evening meal and study session had gone well and Annie had given the usual lecture on the students not to get drunk and she retired to her room and got ready for bed. There was a knock on the door and slipped on her gown  and answered, it was Bob. “Miss Davenport… I was thinking about this afternoon.”

“Yes I shouldn’t have…”

“No, but I shouldn’t have either…”

Annie gestured him in, “so why are you here instead of ignoring tutors instructions about booze?”

“Well,” he began.

“Let me guess.” She interrupted and loosened her gown.

“Miss Davenport are you turning into Mrs Robinson?” Bob half laughed,  half exclaimed.

Annie smiled, “I guess so. I enjoyed having you rub lotion on my tits. But… I note it is you calling on me.”

“Well yes…”

“Go on…”

“Would you believe I want some additional notes?” He asked cheekily.

“I doubt it,” said Annie loosening her nightie. “You’ve got a huge dick, you’re bigger than Brian.”

“Your partner?” Asked Bob.

“Friend with benefits,” Annie answered. “Do you want to see?”

“Er ok,’ answered Bob. Annie smiled and quickly showed a snapshot of Brian naked on her phone.

Bob blushed, “I didn’t expect you to have a naughty photo on your phone.”

“I am human,” she laughed. She slid her hands to his trousers. “May I?” She asked. He nodded and she quickly undid his trousers and fished out his penis which was nearly fully erect. “Wow,” she giggled looked him in the eye and then slowly slipped out of her night clothes. “I’ve never had on that big,” she said. “I think I need to test my theory about it fitting in my mouth.”

There was the murmur and commotion of students returning to digs in the hallway. Annie looked nervously at the door and then back to Bob lying next to her.

“How was it?” He asked nervously.

“It was very nice,” she answered and kissed him gently. “You need to eat more fruit though.”

“I’ll bare that in mind,” laughed Bob. “You’ve got amazing tits.” He kissed one in illustration.

She glanced at the door again. “Who are your room mates?”

“Phil, John and Dave.” Answered Bob, he checked his mobile. “Looks like they are cheating curfew.”

“How was it for you?” She asked wrapping her arms around him.

“Exhilarating,” he answered. “I better sneak back to my room before the boys get back.”

“I think so too ” answered Annie.




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