Annie’s off on a field trip to Cornwall. I think they are stretching credibility with their chosen location for an English excursion. Surely Wessex for the Thomas Hardy connection or Stratford with Bard would be better. I think it is just an excuse for a few at the the seaside. Hope She has a good time. Saw her off this morning got a meeting with the studio head. I bet it is about the director walking off.

Have meeting. Not what I expected.


Have been instructed to submit an idea for a 90 minute TV movie for a Friday night slot. Need to think of ideas. 

Annie tells me they are off to the Jamaica Inn today. Hmmm…. Perhaps something in Cornwall. Nothing Piratey though…. Too cliché.


Go to pub for lunch. Surprised to hear that the student barman is away on field trip. Maybe a pub based idea. Something like Cheers only British.


Submit idea. It’s controversial, but it my have the hook they are after.

Annie returns from trip

 Pick her up, says she had a very good time.

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