Back to Business


 Got up early and went for walk. Lovely views, might try and wangle a location shoot here if pitch is accepted.

Annie has told me that there has been a bit of aftermath from her striptease. Hasn’t said what though.

Hop into car and go for a drive to the Roman Ruins. Talk to the curator about doing some filming there. Nice girl, bit on the chubby side but very sweet. Seems very interested. Might try wangle her a cameo role.

Go for Brunch at the pub. Bob is working. Asked about the field trip, runs through quite quickly and quickly changes the topic. Wonder why. 

Have Eggs Benedict and a latte before going to town and doing my fortnightly shop.

Spend afternoon working on a detailed storyline and outline.

Annie texts me complaining about all her marking she has to catch up on.

Leave her to it and go out for the evening. Caught the classic movie at the Civic.


Another early morning and I go for another walk and jot ideas about the script. Go to Pub and find its another ladies day. Bob approached me asking if I would be willing to perform. I politely decline and direct my energies for writing. Text Annie to tell her. Says she isn’t interested and would I join her in the hot tub? I say I will.

Join her and she has decided to relax au natural in tub. I ask her about the consequences about her strip, she just smiles and talks about Cornwall.

I explain loosely about my project and how I am location scouting. She seems interested.

I leave relatively early and deal with paperwork in relation to current production.


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