The Morning After

“Where were you last night Bob?” Asked Paul. 

“Felt a bit ropey so decided to stay in,” replied Bob, “hence the excessive spraying of deodorant in the bog.”

“Ah ok,” answered Paul. “Nearly breakfast time.”

    “I swear it Sandra,” laughed Kimmy, “She’s in the room next to me and the walls aren’t very thick.”

  “Heard the bed creaking did you?”‘ Said Sandra with a grin.

 “And some moans,” smiled Kimmy. 

“Shall we ask her who the guy was?”

“I reckon it’s Mr Hackett, they’re always eating together in the canteen.”

“I thought she was boffing that writer guy who did that talk a bit ago.”


Annie watched the students form off into their little groups at the breakfast tables and smiled to herself, surely it was the students who were supposed to be shagging on the sly. Bob seems to be merrily chatting away to his mates.Anyway best get on with the matter in hand and sort the plans for the day. She stood up and addressed the group and briefed them on the days activities.

  As breakfast was over Kimmy approached her, “Miss Davenport, did you know you are in the room next to me?”

Annie smiled, “No why?” She asked innocently.

“Claire and I heard you,” she said.

“Heard me what?” She smiled sweetly. Shit! 

“Shagging Mr Hackett,”

Mr Hackett? He’s gay. Still a better assumption though…. but unfair on him. “You’re mistaken. I wasn’t with Mr Hackett… I was relieving myself.”

Kimmy gave her a quizzical look, “you’ll go blind if you keep doing that.” Shrugged and walked off, no doubt it’ll be the subject of girly giggles for a bit, thought Annie. 


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