The Sandman’s Q and A

  1. What is your favourite thing about November?
  2. Open Fires or Log Burners?
  3. What is your favourite Winter Warmer?

4. What is your favourite Black and White movie?


  1. For me it is the downtime you get before the business that is the festive season, I always book time off this time of year.
  2. While there is something magical about an open fire at first, the reality soon kicks in as eventually you end up with the smell of lingering smoke of your clothes and the constant need to poke the fire. Log Burners pack out more heat for longer once going, plus you can moderate and control the fire.
  3. A nice Plum Porter.
  4. Well I’ll give you three and you can work out which is my favourite: Strangers on a Train, Citizen Kane, Carry on Constable


Over to you guys. Answer either in the comments or via ping-back. I look forward to your answers.


4 thoughts on “The Sandman’s Q and A

  1. 1. The two days plus weekend off for Thanksgiving (last Thursday of November) and holiday festivities are definitely among my favorite things about November.
    2. Log burners because open fires creates too much smoke. Had that experience at camp.
    3. A nice cup of hot cocoa or a delicious steamy bowl of soup.
    4. I haven’t seen many black and white movies. The only ones I’ve seen had been 1928 Mickey Mouse shorts, the movie about Professor Flubber, and It’s a Wonderful life. Steamboat Willie is one of my favorite.

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