The End of the Year Award


Everything has stopped for Xmas. Xmas day and boxing day went well. Annie has invited me to an awards ceremony at the pub Friday evening. Spend the day looking at the rushes. Annie is still a bit pissed off that I used her field trip as a basis for the student and teacher to have sex as she stills feels I believe that really happened. She’s a bit like that. But she did spend a awful long time talking to Sal about her one night stand with \Bob.

Go for a chilly afternoon walk on the hill, looks very pretty with the frost on the leaves and branches.

Have a nice warm bath on return and read a book all night.


Day goes uneventful, getting a bit fed up of Turkey sandwiches and Christmas leftovers. Pop up to the cinema and try and see a film which is not a kids film or a Christmas film. It’s getting to something when you savour the taste of a cinema hot-dog. Film was a tacky action film, but a nice change from constant reruns of old Christmas Specials and Christmas on Emmerdale Farm.

Think I am going to be glad to be back on the studio floor at this rate.

My Curator contact texts and messages me seasons greetings from some exotic locations and a charming little selfie by the sea. Lucky beach….


Day passes quickly. Meet Annie late afternoon and sort plans for the ceremony.

Pub is quite busy and there is a mini-reconstruction set up. Annie recognises the host for the evening as one of the girls from drama class and gone to stage school.

First award is a jokey award for most regular attendee, going to a guy called Pete who attended nearly every day.

Next up are various sporting awards for various pub groups.

They break. I go for a drink at the bar and upon return to seat find a small number of people absent, Annie included.

Wonder where she has gone. Few minutes later she comes on stage for award for winning the stripteae female take and a special bonus for her massive tits. Host asks will you share them again or a were they a once only glimpsed occasion. She laughs awkwardly and asks what they mean.. the host asks will she reveal them to the audience once again. She nervously smiles and unbuttoneds her her shirt and undresses to her bra.


Her and my awkwardness is interrupted by arrival of my curator friend who is fresh from holiday. She is surprised that Annie is in semi-undress on stage. “Is that who you based your character on?” she asks innocently.

The host announces the next award which is the best male striptease aware which goes to Bob. He sits next to Annie who is again giggly nervous. There is a bit of awkward banter and the host cracks a similar joke about Bob undressing.

Annie puts her blouse on again and accepts the award. She gives the curator a look which if it could kill, she’d get 20 years. Curator decides to go to the other end of the bar. Both Annie and Bob disappear back stage. Curator has a nose around the corner and comes away looking rather flustered.

We talk later, my curator friend doesn’t trust Annie and encourages me to register a complaint to the authorities about her activity on stage. She buys me a whiskey and asks if she’d like to see the ruins at night.


I wake in museum with the curator sound asleep by my side. We are both more or less fully clothed. What happened? I can’t recall. This might not be good.

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