2 thoughts on “The Sandman’s Q and A

  1. 1. I went to my 10 yr reunion. It was horrible. Everyone was exactly the same as they were in high school, which was not a good thing. It was oversold (held at a hotel kinda near the school) and I ended up hanging outside the main hall, causing me to miss dinner. I took a gay friend, who was a year behind me at the same school, and he had a great time
    1b. I almost went to my 30th but when I saw the RSVPs on fb they were all a clique from 30 yrs earlier (I seriously can’t imagine still hanging out with the same people – I’ve reinvented myself at least 5 times since then) and there was NO way I was gonna drop $100 to have a cheapass self-serve dinner with any of them..I planned to msg an old psuedo-brother friend who wasn’t attending either, but he msg’d first and got increasingly snotty when I didn’t instant reply… so F him.

    2. Shower. Unless it’s an jacuzzi or onsen, in which case I’d stay in it all day.

    3. Ford Pinto Stationwagon… the cars known for exploding in accidents. I never had an accident.

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