The View from the Other Side

ANNIE O dear Annie, she always does that effects on man. She was genuinely expecting a bit more from Bob. Quantity, quality and duration should go together.They are still backstage, half dressed. He is making smoke rings with his cigarette trying to avoid the fire alarm. Is she satisfied? May be. Is he? from his … Continue reading The View from the Other Side

Walking by.

January 2nd Evening Go for a early evening walk. Chilly but not bitter, unwittingly pass by Annie's home. Can't help myself but have a quick peak through the window. She's strolling around her living room topless and on the phone to someone. Look at the sky, it's quite clear. Stroll onward lost in thought. Get … Continue reading Walking by.

The Secret of the Confessional One of the underrated and overlooked films in the filmography of Director Alfred Hitchcock is the 1953 film "I Confess", it stars Montgomery Swift as a priest who hears the confession of a murderer and finds himself the chief suspect in the murder investigation and has to prove his innocence without breaking his vows … Continue reading The Secret of the Confessional